Guri Dam

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Guri Dam,

24,364 ft (7,426 m) long and 531 ft (162 m) high, on the Caroní River, Bolívar state, SW Venezuela. Built in phases between 1963 and 1986, the dam consists of a central concrete gravity dam with earthen embankment dams on both sides. It impounds the 1,640-sq-mi (4,250-sq-km) Guri Reservoir, with a capacity of more than 110 million acre-ft (135 billion cu m). The Símon Bólivar power station immediately below the dam generates more than 10,000 MW and supplies some 70% of the country's electricity. It is the second largest hydroelectric plant in South America, exceeded only by that at the Itaipú DamItaipú Dam
, hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River, on the Brazil-Paraguay border. Jointly constructed (1975–91) by Brazil and Paraguay, it is the second-largest hydroelectric dam in the world, exceeded only by the Three Gorges Dam. The dam is 4.8 mi (7.
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Let us consider, for example, water, the most critical natural resource for humanity: we drink it, we use it to eliminate refuse, to wash ourselves, cook, water plants, cool machinery, as a means of transportation, and, as if this was not enough, to generate electricity Canaima NP protects the watershed of the Caroni River and provides water to Guri Lake.