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(until 1946, Gumbinnen), a city in Kaliningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Situated at the point where the Krasnaia River empties into the Pissa River (the Pregolia River basin). Railroad station, 115 km east of Kaliningrad. Population, 22,000 (1970).

Gusev is a new center of the electrotechnical industry. (A plant making fittings for lighting engineering and the Mikro-dvigatel’ plant are located here.) It has mixed feed, cheese, and mechanical repair plants and a knitted-goods factory, as well as an agricultural technicum and a national theater. The city was founded in 1724 and was renamed in honor of Guards captain S. I. Gusev, who was killed on Jan. 6, 1945, in a battle near Gumbinnen.


Baevskii, I., and A. Ivanov. Gusev. Kaliningrad, 1969.
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Tenders are invited for Open request for proposals for the right to sign the agreement to perform repair of automatic installation of fire alarm of "Kaliningrad Generation Company" Gusev branch "Gusevskaya TPP" in 2015 .
In particular, the company's shareholders elected the following candidates to the supervisory board: Mikhail Fridman, Gennady Gazin, Andrei Gusev, Gunnar Holt, Sir Julian Horn-Smith, Nils Katla, Alexey Reznikovich, Morten Karlsen Sorby and Trond O Westlie.
The agony continued after the break as Everton painfully failed to clear again, and Oleh Gusev capitalised to shoot in off the post.
Everton's backline slipped up again 11 minutes into the second half when Oleg Gusev finished from close range and in the 76th minute Vitorino Antunes let fly superbly from distance.
Roberto Martinez's men then once again did not cover themselves in glory defensively 11 minutes into the second half when Dynamo added another goal, Oleg Gusev [euro]nishing from close-range on the rebound.
Oleh Gusev celebrates scoring the fourth goal for Dynamo Kiev durimg last night's second-leg tie against Everton
DYNAMO KIEV 442: Shovkovskiy; Vida, Dragovic, Silva, Antunes, Veloso (Chumak 83), Ngcongca, Gusev (Kravets 75), Buyalsky (Garmash 66), Yarmolenko, Mbokani.
The new Board consists of the following members: Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Mikhail Fridman, Andrei Gusev, Sir Julian Horn-Smith, Kjell Morten Johnsen, Leonid Novoselsky, Alexey Reznikovich, Ole Bjorn Sjulstad and Trond O Westlie.
In 2004, NASA landed Spirit, one of its two Mars Exploration Rovers, inside 160-km-wide Gusev Crater, because from orbit, Gusev, with its southern rim breached by a meandering river channel, looked as if it once held a lake - and water-deposited rocks were the rover mission's focus.
If desert mirages occur on Mars, Lake Gusev belongs among them.
Kazakhstan will become one of the economically developed countries, said senior researcher of the Moscow State Institute for International Relations Leonid Gusev.
A lack of communication between the Hart and Gary Cahill almost let Oleg Gusev in and the Manchester City man looked nervous as he juggled the ball while attempting to clear.