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But as with most frame tales, this novel's vivid center is its stories: Darisa the Bear, Luka the butcher and would-be gusla, his ill-fated wife, and the tiger himself feel more intensely alive than Natalia and her grandfather.
Will Nediger's gusla and gusli, according to Webster's Third, are related etymologically as well as being quite different stringed instruments, one bowed, one with keyboard.
But I don't think that the Nuyorican crowd resembles a bunch of Greeks sitting around a fire listening to the vates strum a gusla singing about the rage of Achilles.
Will Nediger says "One of my musical dictionaries lists both gusla (or gusle) and gusli, both ancient stringed instruments, the former Slavonic an the latter Russian.
4) Gusla is Serbian for the instrument upon which Serbian minstrels, guslars, played while singing Serbian epic and hero songs.