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(civil engineering)
A plate that is used to strengthen truss joints.
(mining engineering)
A V-shaped cut in the face of a heading.


A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework at its joints.

gusset, gusset plate

A plate, usually triangular in shape, used to connect two or more members, or to add strength to a framework.
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The gusset plate project provided essential knowledge that led to the rapid development of national safety standards that will help prevent other potential gusset plate bridge design failures.
2009) also investigated single span cold formed steel purlins that were connected using gusset plates.
In developing the guidance, the FHWA used the best available data on the failure modes of gusset plates in major bridges.
Although in his opening statement he was careful to say that, "We have not yet determined the probable cause of the accident," he went on to call 16 underdesigned gusset plates the "critical factor that began the process of this collapse.
Of particular concern was the weld connecting the wing and gusset plates.
The third and final purpose was to determine the moment resistance of T-shaped joints constructed with plywood gusset plates that were either stapled or stapled/glued in place.
The technical advisory clarifies that State highway officials should include gusset plates when calculating the load capacity on the Nation's 13,000 steel truss bridges.
The design will comprehensively address to repair and/or replacement of all deteriorated steel members such as gusset plates, sway bracing, diaphragms, stiffeners, columns and rivets to bring the entire bridge into a state of good repair.
Tenders are invited for MTPS-I-CHP-II- Removal of the worn out/ eroded Gusset plates and column joining plates, fabrication & erection of new plates at Junction Tower- 1 & 2.
Approximately 55 pcs damaged / bent connections, gusset plates, tie plates, tensioning straps replace / complement to steel truss girders of a shed roof / judge.
Tenders are invited for MTPS-I- CHP-II- Removal of the worn out/ eroded column joining plate and gusset plates in the Secondary Crusher House Tower column and fabrication and erection of new plates.
Cutting of worn-out cross angles of size 75 mm x 75 mm x 6 mm thick and fabrication and erection of 4 Nos cross angles, gusset plates, rib plate T joint fixing in the I beam, including marking and drilling, in PCR house ground floor.