Nils Gustaf Dalen

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Dalen, Nils Gustaf


Born Nov. 30. 1869, in Stenstorp; died Dec. 9, 1937, in Stockholm. Swedish engineer and inventor.

Dalen graduated from the Polytechnical Institute in Zurich. In 1906 he was the chief engineer and after 1909 the director of the Gas Accumulator Company. He perfected the design of gas turbines and other machines. Dalen invented a device for automatically igniting and extinguishing a flame, a device used in beacons and elsewhere. He received the Nobel Prize in 1912.

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Swedish Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gustaf Dalen built the first Aga in 1922 and manufacturing was under way in the Midlands seven years later.
It was Gustaf Dalen, chief engineer and workshop manager at Aktiebolagel Gasaccumulator (AGA), who produced AGA compound, a porous substance that allowed acetylene to be dissolved in acetone and remain stable, despite movement and temperature fluctuations.
These ovens, which were invented in 1922 by Gustaf Dalen, a Nobel-winning scientist from Sweden, were introduced to the UK in 1929 and can now be found in more than 300,000 homes worldwide.
17 Nils Gustaf Dalen won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1912 for a device that helped to automate lighthouses - but what did he invent a decade later, despite being blind, that takes pride of place in many British kitchens?
First conceived in the 1920s by Swedish physicist Dr Gustaf Dalen, who won a Nobel Prize for the automated lighthouse, the Aga has gone on to become a design classic particularly beloved by country-living traditionalists in the UK.
For almost 100 years AGA has been the sources of creativity and technical progress, stemming from its founding in 1904 by Gustaf Dalen, the winner of the 1912 Nobel Prize in Physics.
The Aga, which was created in the 1920s by Swedish physicist and Nobel Prize winner Dr Gustaf Dalen, is well-known for its timeless design.
Trinity House bought the site for a lighthouse on St Tudwal's island in Tremadog Bay near Abersoch, in 1876 for pounds 111 In 1922 the light was converted to use acetylene and an automatic sun valve, invented by Swedish engineer Gustaf Dalen The lighthouse keeper's cottage, no longer needed, was sold off in 1935 Converted to solar power in 1995, the tower's white flashes can be seen 14 miles out at sea
The Aga cooker was invented in 1922 by Gustaf Dalen, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist from Sweden, and has been manufactured in Britain - initially at the Aga Heat factory in Smethwick - since 1929.
The Aga cooker -- conceived in the 1920s by Swedish physicist Dr Gustaf Dalen -- is well known in the UK.
Aga, an abbreviation of Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator, is a stored-heat oven invented in 1922 by a Swede, the physicist Gustaf Dalen