Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt

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Armfelt, Gustaf Mauritz


Born Mar. 31, 1757, in Juva, Åbo Province; died Aug. 19, 1814, in Tsarskoe Selo. Baron; military figure and statesman in the service of Sweden and Russia; of Finnish descent.

Armfelt was a favorite of the Swedish king Gustavus III and participated in the Russo-Swedish war of 1788–90. He was accused of state treason in 1794 and fled to Russia. He returned to Sweden in 1801 and held a number of positions of command in the Swedish Army. In 1809 he became president of the war college of Sweden. In 1811 he transferred to Russian service and was appointed chairman of a committee on Finnish affairs. In 1812 he received the rank of general of infantry and the title of count; he entered the State Council. Armfelt exerted considerable influence on Alexander I’s policy with respect to Finland and the Scandinavian countries.