Albert Lortzing

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Lortzing, Albert


Born Oct. 23, 1801, in Berlin; died there Jan. 21, 1851. German composer.

Lortzing was the son of itinerant actors. He studied music independently and began singing tenor roles in Leipzig and Det-mold (until 1844). He conducted operas in Leipzig, Vienna, and Berlin. While living in Vienna, he took part in the Revolution of 1848. Lortzing contributed to the development of comic opera in Germany. His works, notable for their melodic grace and national character, are still in the theater repertoire. He composed more than 20 operas (the first in 1828) and operettas, the best of which are Tsar and Carpenter, or The Two Peters (produced in 1837), The Two Marksmen (produced in 1837), Undine (produced in 1845), and The Armorer (produced in 1846). Lortzing also composed oratorios, choruses, incidental music, romances, and songs.


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