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Erik Grimmer-Solem analyzes the imperialist ideology of the socialist economist and apologist for German Weltpolitik Gustav Schmoller.
2), the occasional citation of their ideas--including those of Gustav Schmoller, Werner Sombart, and Max Weber--is testimony to their enduring relevance.
Cassel (1900: 485) held that it was necessary to "keep a much keener eye on the superior rights of the community at large" and cited authorities such as John Stuart Mill, Gustav Schmoller, Adolph Wagner, and Karl Bucher.
Even in economics, Gustav Schmoller and his students pushed National Economics, a glorification of the stated-directed economy introduced by the Zollverein before unification, and continued onwards.
Some accounts place Pesch in line with the German Historical School of economics, but he is often critical of historical economists (as well as the related "socialists of the chair") such as Gustav Schmoller.
Characteristic in this regard was the economist Gustav Schmoller, who proclaimed the state to be "the most sublime ethical institution in history.
Inspired and led by Gustav Schmoller, these well-placed Herr Doktors, who dominated German economic teaching, were theorielos, "without theory," and, therefore, up the intellectual creek without a paddle.