Gustave Dupont-Ferrier

Dupont-Ferrier, Gustave


Born May 23, 1865, in Vinay; died May 13, 1956, in Paris. French historian and medievalist.

From 1914 to 1937, Dupont-Ferrier was a professor at the School of Charters; in 1934 he was elected a member of the Academy of Inscriptions. His works, based on an enormous number of sources and archival documents, deal chiefly with the history of French administrative and financial institutions.


Les Officiers royaux des bailliages et sénéchaussées et les institutions monarchiques locales en France à la fin du moyen âge. Paris, 1902.
Études sur les institutions financiéres de la France à la fin du moyen âge, vols. 1-2. Paris, 1930-32.
Gallia regia ou état des officiers royaux des bailliages et des sénéchaussées de 1328 à 1515, vols. 1-4. Paris, 1942-54.