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Abnormal enlargement of the mammary glands in the male.



excessive unilateral or bilateral enlargement of the mammary glands in males, so that they sometimes resemble female glands. Temporary, mild gynecomastia often occurs in adolescent males. Pronounced gynecomastia is one of the symptoms of primary diseases of the endocrine glands, especially the gonads. Patients develop secondary female sex characteristics (feminine pelvis, hips, and voice), lose facial hair, and suffer sexual disturbances. Gynecomastia can also develop in cases of liver diseases (cirrhosis), because of disturbances in estrogen metabolism. Treatment involves elimination of the main disease and sometimes surgery.

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According to Dr Zahrah Rafaei, a specialist plastic surgeon in breast reconstruction, from Rashid Hospital, Dubai, surgery to treat gynaecomastia should be covered by insurance providers.
The following case report is of a man who developed accessory gynaecomastia in the inner aspect of his upper thigh.
A drug switch should be considered if the gynaecomastia causes distress, otherwise it usually resolves spontaneously over a year or two.
Dr Hancock added: "The operations are successful, particularly when the issue is gynaecomastia, which causes the enlargement of the male breast tissue which is not related to weight gain.
An increasing number of men in Dubai suffering from a condition called gynaecomastia or enlarged breasts, and are now resorting to surgery to flatten their chests, reports Xpress newspaper.
Clinical manifestation of these 100 patients were splenomegaly in 82, clinical jaundice in 78, ascites in 77, palmer errythmia in 67, haemetemesis in 26, hepatic encephalopathy in 24, bleeding oesophageal varices in 17 (confirmed on endoscopy), gynaecomastia in 12, diabetes with HCV in 12, testicular atrophy in 9, diabetes with HBV in 5 cases (Fig.
00pm) The team tackles male issues, including erectile dysfunction and gynaecomastia, otherwise known as 'man boobs', with another patient complaining of a red raw scrotum.
00pm) The team tackles issues commonly associated with men, including erectile dysfunction and gynaecomastia.
jaundice, ascites, gynaecomastia, spider naevi, cirrhosis) and use of antiretroviral therapy before HAART.
These physiological modifications to maleness constitute an extreme challenge to masculinity, gynaecomastia in particular representing a significant threat to male identity (Monaghan, 2001).
He had bilateral gynaecomastia, no palpable abdominal organomegaly and normal testes.
Repeated topical exposure to lavender and tea tree oils may result in prepubertal gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts) in young boys, endocrinologists have concluded.