(dyön`dyösh), city (1991 est. pop. 36,259), N Hungary, at the foot of the Mátra Mts. It is the commercial center of a wine-producing and tobacco-growing region. Lead and zinc are mined nearby. Győngyős has a large Franciscan college (founded 1634), a 14th-century church, and a castle.



a Hungarian city in the southern foothills of the Matra mountains in the megye (county) of Heves. Population, 33,000 (1970). Gyöngyös produces railroad equipment and tools; there is a food industry. Lignite, complex ores, and building stone are mined in the surrounding area. The city is the center of a horticultural and grape-growing district, the produce of which is exported. There are mountain resorts nearby.

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The company's expansion of its Gyongyos, Hungary, facility was considerably less complex but nevertheless doubled the site's production area and capacity, thus enabling the manufacture of an additional 100 million products annually.
March 11 marked the official grand opening of a new Pampers plant in Gyongyos, Hungary--just 16 months after Procter & Gamble broke ground at the site.
Outside a convenience store in Gyongyos, a farming town surrounded by vineyards, people talk of how Orban fixed the financial mess inherited from his Socialist predecessor, and how he brought down energy bills.
There was no way we could have all ridden in a car this small to Gyongyos on that first cemetery trip--the four of us and the four of them.
The collection of 130 manuscripts of the Jozsef Bajza Library in Gyongyos is now found in the Orszagos Szechenyi Konyvtar in Budapest.
The Embassy also assisted with a visit by another commission member, who delivered remarks at a Jewish cemetery dedication in Gyongyos on May 31, 2007.
Hungarian white, Gyongyos Estate Chardonnay 2000 comes down from pounds 3.
For a less honeyed Hungarian variation, Gyongyos Estate Chardonnay 2000 will set you back only pounds 2.
Joe Zuravle, managing director of UPC Magyarorszag said : "UPC Magyarorszag has already been operating an experimental broadband Internet service in some regions including Miskolc, Debrecen, Nagykanizsa, Szolnok, Nyiregyhaza, and Gyongyos.
We already supply some multiples with own and exclusive labels and brands from our wineries in Gyongyos and Bonyhad.
99 to March 7) and Gyongyos Estate Chardonnay 1999 (Co-op, pounds 1 off at pounds 2.
He also found time to develop the straightforward Hungarian Gyongyos Estate Char-donnay 1995, pounds 2.