Gypsum Concrete

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Gypsum Concrete


a type of concrete, made with a base of gypsum binding materials (for the most part, structural gypsum).

This material is used in the production of gypsum concrete products. Rock mineral aggregates (primarily those with a porous and rough surface) and organic aggregates (such as wood shavings, sawdust, and chopped straw) are used in making gypsum concrete. Additives are introduced into gypsum concrete that retard its setting and also increase its resistance to water and the atmosphere. The strength of gypsum concrete depends on the same factors that determine the strength of ordinary cement concrete.

gypsum concrete

A mixture of a calcined gypsum binder and wood chips or other aggregate; when mixed with water, sets to a conglomerate mass; used for poured gypsum roof decks.
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These properties have a positive effect on the maintenance of gypsum concrete walls and buildings as a whole, as well as on the health of people staying in them.
When loaded with an underlayment such as gypsum concrete in a sound control application, the performance is dramatically enhanced.
Hacker TopCoat can be applied over any Hacker floor underlayment including Firm-Fill Gypsum Concrete, Firm-Fill 2010, Firm-Fill 3310, Firm-Fill High Strength, Firm-Fill 4010 and Gyp-Span Radiant.
Significantly Outperforms Poured Gypsum Concrete Assemblies
a leading manufacturer of gypsum concrete floor underlayments, self-leveling underlayments and sound control systems, is relocating its corporate office in Newport Beach, Calif.
It is currently engaged in the repair, restoration and protection of concrete surfaces, and is also the applicator of FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concrete Floor Underlayments for Western Canada.
FIRM-FILL" is a self leveling, lightweight gypsum concrete floor underlayment designed to provide a smooth, flat subfloor for virtually any finished flooring material.
selected the premier supplier of gypsum concrete floor underlayments, Hacker Industries, Inc.
The full line of FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concretes, GYP-SPAN Radiant, TRUE-SCREED CLU and sound control products provide a solution to the most demanding project specifications.
s line of FIRM-FILL brand Gypsum Concretes and acoustical control mats across North America.
will display TRUE SCREED(R) Cementitious Underlayment and its entire line of FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concretes, GYP-SPAN Radiant and Sound Control Systems at the 2004 World of Concrete Show in Orlando, FL in Booth #7193.
is pleased to announce an increase from 66 to 82 Underwriters Laboratories listings for their line of floor underlayments sold under the brand names of FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concretes and GYP-SPAN Radiant.