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Not everyone with one of these surnames is going to have gypsy blood - but many might.
In its second year now, the three- day festival, which starts on April 3, honours the gypsy history of the region while breaking musical boundaries.
Examples include the story of Danny, who wants to marry a non-gypsy girl from North Carolina, but his mother refuses to grant him permission and does everything she can to stop her son from "diluting his gypsy blood" by marrying an "American"; and Heather, a teenager who has gone against gypsy traditions and stayed in school till 18.
Romany Gypsies were recognised as an ethnic group in 1989, Irish Travellers in 2000 and Scottish Gypsy Travellers in 2008.
it is clear that prisoners of Gypsy, Romany and Traveller backgrounds are significantly over-represented in the prison population.
There are already not enough gypsy and traveller sites within Wales, with some community members regarded as homeless by the state as they are forced to live "by the roadside".
It seemed only fitting that she should be involved in the creation of our Gypsy brand, which will be the first product released by my new company.
My Big Fat Gypsy Fortunesets out to lift the lid on one of the more mysterious aspects of Traveller life - their money.
com/tv/my-big-fat-gypsy-wedding) My Big Fat American Gypsy Weddin g," portrays over-the-top wedding ceremonies with-in the Romany community.
The pair are hitting the road in new S4C series Y Sipsiwn (The Gypsies), from Monday until Friday, when they'll follow the old Welsh Romany gypsy route from Llangrannog in Ceredigion to Rosebush in Pembrokeshire.
Joseph Koudelka's haunting photographs provide images of European gypsy life that can set your teeth on edge with their black and white harshness, while at the same time unlocking the compassion that is within all of us for a people who have suffered (as Shakespeare said in Hamlet) "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" since time immemorial, when they were thought to have descended from the people of Ancient Egypt.