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, gerfalcon
a very large rare falcon, Falco rusticolus, of northern and arctic regions: often used for hunting



(Faleo gyrfalco), a bird of the family Falconidae, order Falconiformes. Body length, 50-60 cm. Male’s weight, up to 1.5 kg; female’s, up to 2 kg. The plumage is gray, or white with gray markings. The gyrfalcon is distributed in Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. It lives on rocky seacoasts and in forest tundra. Gyrfalcon mates stay together for many years. They nest on rocks, steep shores, or high trees. There are three to five brownish eggs with red spots in each clutch, which are incubated mainly by the female for 28-29 days. The young leave the nest at about two months. Gyrfalcons feed mainly on birds that they capture on the wing; more rarely they catch lemmings, voles, and hares. Gyrfalcons were highly prized as hunting birds in falconry. They are scarce everywhere and need to be protected.

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The more striking and far less common black-phase gyrs cost about $2,500, while the iconic white gyr falcons command at least $3,000 and sometimes much more.
One gyr falcon twice removed the cap covering the external tip of the tube.
THE gyr falcon (pictured) is the largest of all the falcon species.
What the newspapers meant to say was that this bird was a White Phase Gyr Falcon from Greenland.
Abstract: A large ventricular foreign body was identified on radiographs in a captive-bred gyr falcon (Falco rusticolus) that was presented for paresis and swollen abdomen.
Ornitholo-gists carbondated guano and debris from gyr falcon nests and found one up to 2,740 years old.
Now it is hoped the massive gyr falcon will be able to make a new home in the Cairngorms - hundreds of miles from its native habitat in Greenland.
Falconer Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi watches closely as his Gyr falcon is allowed to devour part of its kill, a houbara, during one of the first legal hunting trips for 30 years in the UAE during the second International Falcon Festival in the desert between Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.
South Stack attracted that most wanted of birds, a white Gyr Falcon, and birders rushed to the reserve to marvel at this arctic hunter.
Scientists say molecular evidence indicates that the saker falcon is very closely related to the gyr falcon.