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A waveguide component that uses a ferrite section to give zero phase shift for one direction of propagation and 180° phase shift for the other direction; in other words, it causes a reversal of signal polarity for one direction of propagation but not for the other direction. Also known as microwave gyrator.



a directional phase shifter, a microwave device. This device creates a half-wave phase change of electromagnetic waves propagating in opposite directions. Gyrators are used as a component in various microwave devices, such as gates, modulators, circulators, and switches. The operating principle of gyrators is based on the irreversible properties of magnetized ferrite; these properties cause rotations of polarization plane, phase shift, and so on. The simplest kind of gyrator consists of a circular radio waveguide that contains an appropriately dimensioned, magnetized ferrite rod (magnetized in a magnetic field of a previously determined intensity). A circular waveguide is coupled to a rectangular waveguide by matching transitions.


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The encapsulating quality of the RP particles using the new nozzle with and without gyrators is further compared by the SEM images shown in Fig.
Complex Gyrator Circuit of an Evanescent-Mode E-Plane Junction Circulator Using H-Plane Turnstile Resonators.
Figure 4 presents an objectification of these ideas; the quadripole is objectified once by the gyrator GY and once by the transformer TF.
Luckily, by using a special gyrator element, as shown in Figure 4, all inductors can be represented for the simulator as pairs of gyrators and capacitors, as shown in Figure 5.
Adjacent-channel rejection is provided using tunable on-chip gyrator filters.
When used with Innovada's soft modem technology it realizes a complete modem function which eliminates the need for a modem controller, data pump, codec, 2 to 4 wire converter, isolation transformer, hook switch, ringing detector, gyrator, polarity guard and over voltage protection.
Just when I thought the show was coming to an end and trying to think what they hadn't played, Quo went into Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You and the gyrators were off again.
Just when I thought the show was coming to an end and trying to think what they hadn't played Quo went into Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You and the gyrators were off again.
Talking of awful children, useless ITV execs were terribly excited that last night's creepy Baby Ballroom featured two teeny gyrators who took part in Britain's Got Talent.
Oil-lubricated, oil-cooled gyrators induce flow and eliminate bridging and ratholing.