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The results for H-field for vendor made and proposed custom made antenna were achieved and shown respectively in the Fig.
H-field, Directivity and Gain values were compared with vendor made antennas which appeared to be very close to industry standards.
To better display these phenomena, the H-field lines are reported in Fig.
N), it is necessary to match the boundary conditions of tangential E- and H-field continuities at [[rho].
The PS-400 has two E-field probes, one with a very small tip, and one H-field loop probe.
010~ mode of the cavity, working as a current source, in which the mode's H-field is normal to the current.
I-Prober 520 is a general-purpose H-field probe based on the fluxgate magnetometer principle; it allows track currents to be measured over a dynamic range from 10 mA to 20 A (pk-pk) with a bandwidth of DC to 5 MHz.
A paper presented at the 2009 EMC Symposium described an H-field probe with a frequency response greater than 1 GHz.
But for the H-field, you also would need to work with another antenna such as a magnetic loop.