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The second paper describes the development of histamine H3 agonists, which stimulate the H3 receptor and mimic the naturally occurring neurotransmitter.
This is the first H3 receptor antagonist to be tested in man, and to have such an excellent safety profile is truly exciting," said Thomas O.
The safety and pharmacokinetic profile for the first selective histamine H3 receptor antagonist in human trials is very interesting," stated James Swanson, Ph.
The histamine H3 receptor is predominantly found in the brain and regulates the synthesis and release of histamine in the brain.
Gliatech has discovered and developed highly selective histamine H3 receptor antagonists, which have been shown in in vivo studies to (i) penetrate the blood-brain barrier after oral administration, (ii) selectively block the histamine H3 receptor in the brain and (iii) modulate levels of arousal and alertness.
Our H3 receptor program has shown promising results to date with the identification of several lead compounds and positive preclinical results," said Thomas O.
The current study contrasted the wake-promoting profile of the Gliatech compounds with classical psychomotor stimulants and found that for the histamine H3 receptor antagonists, these compounds did not result in the side effects associated with classical stimulants.
The Phase I SBIR grant will be utilized to evaluate Gliatech's lead H3 receptor antagonists in preclinical models of ADD.