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This particular load led Mic to the H322 charge and bullet-to-rifling jump combination needed to get even better accuracy.
I like these propellants: AA2520, H335, IMR 4064, RL-15, Vihtavuori 140, Benchmark, H322, H4895 and Varget.
The lung cancer cell lines (NSCLC cell lines A549, Calu-1, Calu-6, H157, H1838, H1975, H1993, H322, H358, H441, H520, H596, and HCC827; small cell lung cancer (SCLC) cell lines H69, H128, and H345) were obtained from the ATCC and cultured in HyQPAK RPMI-1640 media containing 2.
Moldenke Varias especies Lianas NN 2 NN EJEA Familia Lista Ejemplar Endemica Roja de herbario UICN numero Anonaceae no Apocynaceae no Apocynaceae EN no Apocynaceae no Araliaceae si Araliaceae si Araliaceae no Arecaceae no Arecaceae si Bignoniaceae si Bignoniaceae no Bombacaceae no Boraginaceae si Boraginaceae no Boraginaceae no Caricaceae no Cecropiaceae si Celastraceae si Celtidaceae no Clusiaceae no Euphorbiaceae no Euphorbiaceae no Euphorbiaceae no Euphorbiaceae Ejemplar de no herbario H243 Flacourtiaceae si Flacourtiaceae no Flacourtiaceae Ejemplar de no herbario H322 Flacourtiaceae no Icacinaceae no Lauraceae no Lauraceae no Lauraceae no Lauraceae no Lauraceae Arboles numero 59 y 1012 de las parcelas permanentes Lauraceae Ejemplar de herbario H324 Leguminosae-Cae.
With Nosier 70-grain bullets it will routinely play around between half and three-quarters of an inch at 100 yards over either Hodgdon H322 or Vihtavuori N135 powder.
A primitive fragment of those liturgical ordines, found in Montpellier H322 in a book of Cistercian usages without any exordia texts at all, dates the entire group to after 1160.
30-06 with 125-grain Nosler Ballistic Tips with 48 grains of H322 and 62 grains of H4831, then 200-grain Sierra GameKings ahead of 44 grains of 3031 and 63 grains of H870.
For those interested in top-end loads for use in only strong, modern guns, H322 is probably the best choice among conventional propellants.
Other hot published loads include H322 (2,263 fps) and H4895 (2,283 fps).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Various size of Bearings and sleeves Such As: Bearings : make: fag i skf /ntn /nsk or equivalent,bearing 22330 hlk,bearing 22240 hlk, Bearing 22232 hlk,bearing 22226 hlk,bearing 22222 hlk,bearing 22220 hlk,bearing 22248 hlk,bearing lh 22217 hlk,bearing lh 22212 hlk,sleeve h2330,sleeve h3140,sleeve h3132,sleeve h3126,sleeve H322