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AS the new trend leader in the light commercial vehicle market, H350 distinctively blends Hyundai's modern family aesthetic to its outstanding exterior design matched by the practicality and sophisticated styling of Hyundai.
Driver-focused H350 remains true to Hyundai's core design principles of safety, ease-of-use and simplicity.
5 CRDi diesel engine and with the six-speed manual transmission for rear wheel drive, H350 maximizes drivability and delivers a more efficient and safer ride wherever you go.
Under the program, the car company committed to assemble its Eon and H350 models here in the country in exchange for a significantly lower tariff rate for importing the required parts.
In Hyundai's case, the company said it was importing SKD units of its Eon and H350 models but registered them instead as KD units, according to BOI officials who discussed the issue in a previous committee hearing in the House of Representatives late last year.
Ranking regarding presence of substances toxic to human health in product Hazard characterization GHS hazard statements according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, EDS categories (EDS priority list) Not classified Classified hazardous to human health H300, H301, H302, H310, H311, H312, H330, H331, H332, H314, H315, H318, H319, H335, H336, H304 Sensitizers (skin), STOST cat 2 H317, H373 Sensitizers (inhalation), STOST cat 1 H334, H372 EDS cat 3, CMR cat 2 EDS cat 3, H341, H351, H361, H362 EDS cat 1, 2, CMR cat 1 EDS cat 1, 2, H340, H350, H360 Ranking of impact and criteria value Desired: 5 Undesired: 1 Hazard characterization Ranking based on concentration >0.
Auto Business News-September 29, 2014--Hyundai reveals details of H350 full-size van
Hyundai, a South Korea-based automaker, has revealed details of its new H350 full-size van.
The H350 will be available across Europe by the end of the year.
Demo Protezioni Antiurto Stand H350 Tel: 01400 275000 Website: www.
Auto Business News-September 5, 2014--Hyundai reveals details of H350
Hyundai Motor Company (KSE: 005380), a South Korea-based automaker, has revealed details of the new full-size van, called H350.