Henry Arthur Jones

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Henry Arthur Jones
BirthplaceGranborough, Buckinghamshire

Jones, Henry Arthur


Born Sept. 20, 1851, in Buckinghamshire; died Jan. 7, 1929, in London. English playwright. At one time a commercial traveler.

In his dramas It’s Only Around the Corner (1879), Saints and Sinners (1884), The Case of Rebellious Susan (1894), The Triumph of the Philistines (1895), Michael and His Lost Angel (1896), and The Liars (1897), Jones depicted people who oppose religious dogma and conventional bourgeois morality. Jones’ melodramatic devices and the limited nature of his criticism of the foundations of the bourgeois world were exposed by Shaw. Jones explained his aesthetic views in several books, including The Renaissance of the English Drama (1895) and The Theater of Ideas (1915).


Representative Plays, vols. 1-4. London, 1926.
In Russian translation:
Ot mraka k svetu. Moscow, 1904.


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