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As the only outdoor-installable HDSL product that offers end-to-end management; the HDSL product is managed by the MartisDXX Manager network management system that sets all parameters, so no on-site configuration is required.
The family of HDSL technologies (HDSL, HDSL2, and HDSL4) provides several key advantages to service providers over the use of repeatered T1 circuits -- including longer reach, the need for fewer repeaters/doublers and enhanced circuit performance - resulting in cost savings and faster service deployment.
Utilizing Brooktree(R)'s 2B1Q modulation technology, Westell's InterAccess HDSL unit can transport a full duplex E1 transmission signal up to 3.
Our research and development efforts with HDSL," said Izhak Tamir, a co-founder of Orckit, "paired with GDC's product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing expertise, gives us an advantage in this up-and-coming technology.
Under an agreement signed in 1990, Tellabs has used Bell Canada's HDSL transceiver technology to develop its own HDSL transmission products.
Orckit possesses both core silicon expertise and a wide range of DSL products, including its FastInternet(TM) DSLAM System with ADSL, and its CopperTrunk(R) HDSL and VDSL product lines.
Lightning and line surges are significant contributors to HDSL circuit downtime which is one of the greatest reliability challenges service providers face today," said Mark McDonald, vice president of product management and marketing for ADC's Wireline Systems Business Unit.
announced today that they have entered into a joint agreement to develop and market single-pair, High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL-2) access systems aimed at the worldwide market for traditional T1/E1 and four-wire HDSL replacement.
SDH Multiplexer Extends Performance Monitoring to the NT via HDSL Partners Orckit and Bosch are jointly integrating Orckit's HDSL equipment into Bosch's Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) multiplexer, giving several technical and operational advantages to the network operator.
In the same year, cable, HDSL, and VDSL are anticipated to hold for 28%, 26%, and 16% share, respectively.
The new agreement follows the receipt of a sole supplier contract for stand-alone HDSL solutions in 1995, whereby thousands of ECI Telecom's HDSL systems were successfully deployed throughout the UK by BT.
Nasdaq: AFCI) announced today it has added ADTRAN HDSL transport to its powerful UMC 1000(R) 3rd Generation Digital Loop Carrier (3GDLC)(TM) through an agreement with ADTRAN(R) (Nasdaq: ADTN).