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Anyone who saw NBC's 2002 Winter Games from Salt Lake City in HDTV had to be amazed.
The cooperative development effort means that "true PC HDTV products will be available in the near future," predicts Michael Harris, co- founder and chief technology officer of RAVISENT.
In sharp contrast to the American HDTV standards race, which involved a half-dozen different contenders, Japan and Europe each developed a single system (Hi-Vision and HD MAC, respectively) that was then selected as the industry standard.
The number of US HDTV households, defined as households having both an installed HD-capable TV set and also receiving and watching HD programming, increased by almost 40% in 2008.
HDTV also provides far better sound - the high-quality, three-dimensional audio you'd expect in a theater - and the ability to broadcast much other information - including computer software, stock quotes, sports statistics and even additional television channels - in the unused frequencies surrounding the main channel.
According to Tsuneo Okubo, head of NTT Electronics' Multimedia System Group, "NTT Electronics will continue to strengthen our lineup of high-end equipment, like the H3100 adopted by IMS, with the release of products like the HDTV Encoder H5100 series which will feature enhanced sound functionality.
Our mission is to offer high quality HDTVs at value price points," said Marty Zanfino, VP of Marketing for MicroDisplay Corporation.
Olevia[TM] 7 Series LCD HDTVs will be featured in ESPN's first-ever venue at the Sundance Film Festival, 'The Game', where entertainers, sports fans and VIPS will be able to enjoy sporting events as a weekend kick-off to the film festival.
Let It Wave provides high-quality SD to HDTV up-conversion and frame-rate conversion capabilities, for broadcast, post and consumer electronics manufacturers.
The research, "Asia Pacific HDTV Market Sets Off In 2006" (#IN0603323ACM), covers the market for high definition television in the Asia Pacific region.
I expect the company's unique perspective on HDTV architectures to generate meaningful debate.
Mitsubishi is a leader in 1394 solutions and HDTV implementations for consumer electronic products.