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19 ea of #crc-232-atsc-4 contemporary research hdtv tuner with mpeg4; 19 ea of #crc-rk1 contemporary research rk1 single rack; 1 ea of shipping.
It contains an HDTV tuner, HDMI inputs, and a VGA connection.
To get such superior quality, you need a high-definition monitor and an integrated HDTV set or an HDTV tuner.
The TH-37PX50U comes with a digital cable-ready card slot so that you don't have to use your cable company's bulky box (you just slide the card into the unit and it disappears), and a built-in HDTV tuner so you can pick up local HDTV broadcasts.
In addition, the DU-42PX 12XC is loaded with features such as aspect ratio correction, integrated HDTV tuner and speakers, picture-in-picture display, RS-232 and discrete IR controls, fan-free operation, and the ability to change between horizontal and vertical display modes.
Our flexible PCI Express implementations along with AMD Athlon 64 processors can deliver the bandwidth and performance needed by the latest peripheral devices such as high-performance graphic cards for gaming and workstations, HDTV tuner cards for multimedia PCs, and blazing Gigabit Ethernet connections for the office.
After the first of July, all HDTV tuner cards must be manufactured to include the broadcast flag.
Matters could get even worse, since you might need both a satellite or cable box and an HDTV tuner.
With optional components these new systems will replace the Replay/Tivo boxes (and therefore the VCR), the HDTV tuner box (of which several hundred million will be sold by 2006), and telephone answering machines in many households.
The built-in TV tuner provides ultra-clear, over-the-air transmissions (ATSC HDTV Tuner with QAM).
The H10 can project movies as well as television programming via connection to a television tuner and will project an HDTV tuner.
With an HDTV tuner, you can pick up the broadcast on Channel 59.