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Four women and 6 men were recruited from the HITL participant pool and were paid $15/hr.
This has led to a study by HITL researchers of the effects of training in navigation before entering a virtual world.
During the summer and early fall of 1994, teachers who had indicated an interest were invited to HITL in groups of two or three.
In the morning, HITL staff gave presentations about previous work on educational applications of VR, other HITL projects and a more detailed overview of the VRRV program.
Phase II tested' a high-fidelity, real-time digital system model (DSM) of the SPJ linked with HITL terminal threats and a constructive model of an IADS.
The facility was linked with HITL threats and the constructive model of the IADS using the same threat laydown as the previous tests and controlled by the same scripted flight profile.
The sources explained that the Air Force estimates would only hold true if there were no plans to put the HITL equipment back into service once it was moved out west.
The EC Simulation Evaluation Lab is a HITL facility for system development and integration as well as software support.
In this area, upgrades to HITL facilities are being funded to incorporate simulation of advanced flare countermeasure techniques.
A good example of an HITL simulator is the Integrated Defensive Avionics Laboratory (IDAL) planned for development by the Avionics Directorate at WPAFB.