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(1) See high-performance computing and Windows HPC Server.

(2) (Home theater PC) See HTPC.

(3) (Handheld PC) A palmtop computer that weighs less than one pound and runs specialized versions of popular applications. Microsoft coined the term for its Windows CE operating system. See Pocket PC.

The Innovative Clio
The Clio was a Windows CE handheld with a unique design. Its SwingTop case became a flat tablet, presentation display or small desktop machine with keyboard. Originally created by Vadem, Ltd., it was acquired in 2003 by The Pinax Group (Image courtesy of The Pinax Group.)
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To reduce costs and simplify management effort, customers ranging from those performing HPC simulations to those managing data with Oracle solutions have been pressing for a means to integrate their Fibre Channel storage directly to the InfiniBand fabric.
These showcase bridge projects confirmed the reliability and practicality of HPC technology and methods.
We believe that Windows HPC Server 2008 and IBM System x hardware will significantly expand the high-performance computing market," said Dave Jursik, vice president of HPC Sales for IBM.
The InfinIO 9024 is the first product in the 9000 Series and will be joined in the first half of 2004 by larger director-class models that pack over one hundred 10Gbps InfiniBand ports in a single, densely packaged switch to enable larger HPC clusters to be built without the complexity of cabling together a large number of small switches.
HPC Notes user for over 2 years said: "HPC Notes is still the program I use the most and is indispensable to my practice.
The Stanford HPC Conference is now in its 7th year of being offered free of charge, thanks to our conference sponsors," said Steve Jones, Founder and Director, Stanford HPC Center.
Enterprises are spurring growth and gaining competitive advantage by integrating HPC and Big Data in their business models for a wide variety of applications.
The initiative, which begins on June 1, will bring together a diverse mix of established national centres of excellence and regional HPC centres across Europe, set up specifically to promote access to HPC for industry for economic development and regeneration purposes.
Over the last three years, the HPC Innovation Excellence Award Program has showcased success stories involving HPC utilization across universities, research laboratories and industry.
Using HPC technologies give musicians the necessary bandwidth to work with thousands of tracks, effects and unlimited polyphony in real time, as well as work with advanced physics to model plate reverbs, create evolving non-linear auditorium acoustics and emulate multi- microphone positions that will give sound endless possibilities, said Gilad Shainer, chairman of the HPC Advisory Council.
The company said its Platform Application Center is available as an optional capability for Platform LSF 7 and Platform HPC Workgroup Manager, facilitating the configuration and use of HPC applications in a heterogeneous HPC cluster for end users and administrators.
The growing appearance of installed AMD Opteron processor-based systems on broad industry lists like the Top500 and IDC Balanced HPC Ratings is indicative of these trends.