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(HOME Phoneline Networking Alliance) A phoneline network that is designed to run Ethernet over existing telephone lines and use RJ-11 wall jacks as connecting points. Computers connect to the wall jacks with HomePNA (HPNA) adapters via USB, PC Card or internal PCI card. Network devices plug into an HPNA-Ethernet bridge unless they already have a HomePNA port built in.

HomePNA allows devices to be up to 1,000 feet apart and supports a household area of up to 10,000 square feet. Version 3.0, introduced in 2003, offers quality of service (QoS) for audio and video streaming. For more information, visit the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance at www.homepna.org. Following are HPNA versions and speeds. See also HomePlug.

              YearVersion       Intro.  Speed

   HomePNA 1.0   1998      1 Mbps

   HomePNA 2.0   1999     10 Mbps

   HomePNA 3.0   2003    128 Mbps + QoS
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By designing and offering education for hospice and palliative nurses and other professionals that take into account changes in the healthcare delivery model, advances in technology, and shifting patient demographics, HPNA, HPNF, and HPCC will not only create more skilled hospice and palliative professionals, but also grow the number of certified caregivers that can help close the gap in what could be a critical shortage of professionals.
In order to assure high quality of experience (QoE), Occam has also integrated a significant set of troubleshooting and management tools for HPNA over coaxial cable.
The EXFO ARU-100 HPNA Test Probe offers service providers a cost-effective solution for installing and troubleshooting HPNA triple-play networks.
The diagnostic capabilities provide the ability to remotely trouble shoot and isolate wiring faults, both on the Ethernet LAN cables and the coax-based HPNA network.
The easy-to-use SSMTT-41 verifies that inside wiring is capable of supporting IPTV signals by analyzing the HPNA signals on the in-house coax or twisted-pair wiring.
Creating the Connected Home: The Debate over Home Networking Standards" devotes separate discussions to the pros and cons of the MoCA, HomePlug AV, HPNA and 802.
HPNA supports the nursing team's compassionate work with the patient and their family as they journey through the experience of life-limiting illness.
The Company's product line ranges from the City Network HPNA device for the flourishing worldwide residential building and hospitality market to the simple DSL bridge/modem for the home and small business user.
Its flagship products include the award-winning HomePortal(TM) residential gateways, the first to allow broadband subscribers to connect to the high-speed Internet, network multiple devices in their home via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HPNA (Home Phoneline Networking Alliance), and access a variety of advanced broadband services.