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symbol for the element hassiumhassium
, artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Hs; at. no. 108; mass number of most stable isotope 277; m.p., b.p., sp. gr., and valence unknown. Situated in Group 8 of the periodic table, it is expected to have properties similar to those of osmium.
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(High Speed) See modem.
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HSS and Edison Nation Medical will work together to evaluate, prioritize and develop medical devices, technologies and healthcare apps specifically from the HSS community.
The company is asking owners and users of the HSS 300 Ultra Lite Harness to immediately discontinue use of the carabineers and the included lineman's climbing strap, and to call 1-877-296-3528 for a carabineer exchange.
The conventional ferries on the route - Stena Navigator and Stena Caledonia - will offer 12 other crossings throughout the day, a journey that takes 50 minutes longer than the HSS.
HSS Hire reports an upturn in seasonal hires round this time of year - as householders rush to clean carpets - and frequently repeat the exercise once guests have gone for another year.
Patty Wood, HSS association president in San Diego, says Dr.
Under the ownership of Exponent, which acquired the Group in October 2012, HSS has continued to expand its operations and invest in its technology platforms and in strategic acquisitions that support its organic growth plan.
Table 2: Chinese HSS Market (2001-2007): Production in Metric Tons (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-3 Global Market Analysis II-3
Branch network further strengthened with the addition of eight new HSS local format branches providing local trades with a range of kit for collection and next day delivery from HSS's national hire fleet.
The Blueslice's HSS 3000[TM] provides control and intelligence within mobile and fixed networks and the management of multiple profiles per subscription.
We believe that UK Platforms is a great fit for HSS and reflects our commitment to adding specialist expertise to our Group.
In an IMS network, the Bridgewater Systems HSS is the master repository that maintains information for the authentication, authorization, and establishment of subscriber calls and sessions.