Habib Bourguiba

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Bourguiba, Habib


Born Aug. 3, 1903, in Munastir. Tunisian politician and statesman.

A jurist by education and profession, Bourguiba graduated from the faculty of law at the Sorbonne and the Haute Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris in 1927. He had joined the Destour Party in 1922 and became the leader of its radical wing. From 1934, after the split in the Destour Party, he became secretary-general and then chairman of the Neo-Destour Party, which became the Socialist Destour Party in 1964. As a participant in the struggle for Tunisian independence he was arrested by the French colonial authorities in 1934 and again in 1938. In 1952 he was arrested and sent out of the country. He returned in June 1955. After the proclamation of Tunisian independence in March 1956 he became head of government. He became president on July 25, 1957, and, at the same time, head of government of the Tunisian Republic until November 1969.

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Summary: Tunisia will hold presidential and legislative elections on October 25, the fifth elections since Zein el Abidine Ben Ali took power in 1987 after dismissing as legally incompetent Habib Bourguiba, who had been Tunisia's president since the republic was declared in July 1957.
President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has led the north African country of 10 million, a staunch Western ally, since 1987 when doctors declared his predecessor Habib Bourguiba to be senile and unfit to rule.
The former president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba died in his hometown of Monastir, a port city 110 miles south of Tunis on 6 April 2000, in his 100th year.
At independence, the administrative elite led by President Habib Bourguiba, took control of the political apparatus of the state.
Among the security measures recently adopted, there is the closure until September 14 of Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis city center.
A veteran of Tunisian politics, Essebsi was minister of the interior, defence and foreign affairs under the country's founding president Habib Bourguiba, and then parliamentary speaker under Ben Ali.
Essebsi, 87 ans, est un veteran de la vie politique tunisienne qui a servi pendant de longues annees le pere de l'independance tunisienne, Habib Bourguiba.
Tunisian people sit on stairs outside the theater on Habib Bourguiba Avenue on November 6, 2013 in Tunis.
Both are well respected and have served under the late Habib Bourguiba, who led the fight for Tunisia's independence from its French colonial masters and served as its first president (1957-1987).
The news of Bin Ali's bloodless coup d'Eatat to oust the late president Habib Bourguiba, who was declared incompetent, received much attention at the time.
This is a young man who sells cigarettes because of unemployment," shouted the man before immolating himself on Habib Bourguiba avenue in front of the municipal building, according to a witness.
Une centaine de militants d'opposition manifestaient d'ailleurs dans le calme en fin de matinee avenue Habib Bourguiba, epicentre des affrontements de mercredi qui ont fait un mort dans les rangs de la police alors que plusieurs bureaux du parti islamiste Ennahda, au pouvoir, ont ete incendies dans le pays.