river: see KhaburKhabur
, river, c.200 mi (320 km) long, rising in SE Turkey, and flowing generally south through NE Syria to enter the Euphrates River, near Dayr az Zawr. The Khabur River project, begun in the 1960s, involved the construction of a series of dams and canals.
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, river.
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By him thou shalt regain, without him not, That which alone can truly reinstall thee In David's royal seat, his true successor-- Deliverance of thy brethren, those Ten Tribes Whose offspring in his territory yet serve In Habor, and among the Medes dispersed: The sons of Jacob, two of Joseph, lost Thus long from Israel, serving, as of old Their fathers in the land of Egypt served, This offer sets before thee to deliver.
NCUA Board Member Mark McWatters said he would prefer a rule that would allow credit unions to propose their own core area; however, he also said a defined population figure could also be included to provide credit unions with a legal safe habor.
He's presenting a workshop on neurofundraising this month during the 10th annual Bridge To Integrated Marketing conference in National Habor, M.
Officials said the airship, operated by Hong Kong-based Shun Tak Holdings Limited, hit the southern embankment near Macao's Outer Habor terminal at around 9:30 a.
In injury time Labadie ran beyond the left side of the visitors' ' defence yet again and Fon Williams had to make a desperate save to prevent Habor from adding a third goal.
WORCESTER - Linda was born in Worcester, daughter of Habor and Ruth (Johnson) Ball.
ATI s Manila South Habor and the Port of Batangas will be tapped by CJ GLS as preferred gateway ports for the import and export requirements of its logistics clients who in the process are taking full advantage of ATI s integrated and competitive cargo handling services for containers, general cargo and ro-ro shipment via its world-class facilities, as per the memorandum of understanding.
The cannon, famous for defending Algiers habor hundreds of years ago, was
O Holiday Inn Mal offers world-class meetings and conference facilities, food and beverage outlets, extensive recreation and leading-edge communication facilities, and commands an unrivaled view of the habor.
During its visit to the university, the delegation held a meeting with the reactor of the university Abdul-Aziz bin Habor who briefed the delegation in the developments in the university since reunification in 1990.
One may habor doubts if an achievement like this will still be possible after the next round of German academic reform.
marched them across the desert to "Halah, in Gozan on the Habor River and in the towns of the Medes.