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Soon after Anonymous declared war against ISIS, hackers from India have joined them for mission # OpParis.
Pakistani hackers uploaded the national flag on the website and issued stern warning to Indian hackers that all bank accounts, credit cards and other Indian government online activities are in danger.
The Journal said the Navy has been upgrading its security systems to foil hackers, but hadn't gotten to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet before the hackers struck.
The hackers have alleged that Shdoow008 is responsible of the attack as he defaced some Bangladeshi website.
In order to deter hackers from attacking again, Apple accessories supplier iThrough has invited experts to strike back at hackers.
The hackers' modus operandi was similar to the ICA attack, with pages developed by the hackers being inserted onto Indian servers and sites being hacked to root level, The Express Tribune reported.
David Hobson, Managing Director at GSS, said that a US government video of a power station generator, released to the media, clearly shows what can happen when hackers take over control of a turbine system.
Most hackers aren't skilled enough to actually retrieve records and related data.
Hackers wanting to gain access to a wired network need to physically connect to that network somehow, making it difficult for them to be truly unobtrusive.
Hackers are no longer fringe elements, but rather organized, career criminals that launch precision or targeted attacks in order to hold for ransom, destroy and steal information--all with a financial profit in mind.
Software "patches" to update source code or alter it to subvert hackers or other invaders represent an ever-growing cost item, especially for major organizations with locations around the country or around the world.
The policy extends the protection web site owners receive from ScanAlert's security service by covering financial loss in the unlikely event that their site suffers actual damages due to theft of personal information by hackers.