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Le Danskernes Parti a distribue une centaine d'aerosols de laque pour les cheveux presentes comme une "arme legale efficace" contre les migrants dans la petite ville de Haderslev, dans le sud-est du pays, rapporte la chaine France24.
The students, all of them ready to graduate next summer from their secondary school, Katedralskole in Haderslev, are visiting to learn about education, politics, medicine and research, government and culture.
Entonces Adolfo fue duque de Gottorp; Christian mismo rigio las zonas reales de Senderburgo y Segeberg, mientras que Hans, el menor, recibio Haderslev.
Arkil, headquartered in Haderslev, Denmark, is a Danish infrastructure contractor with operations in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Ireland.
And, with a good wind behind her competition entry, the winner was six-year-old Amy Shally, whose balloon landed in Denmark, specifically the market town of Haderslev in the south of the country.
A booking each for Adam Chambers and Derek McInnes, plus the dismissal of midfielder Michael Appleton in Saturday's bad-tempered game against Haderslev, have taken the sheen off Albion's 100 per cent record on the tour.
Haderslev, though, gave Albion a thorough workout after switching the game to the seaside village of Abenraa as their ground was being refurbished.
Haderslev of the Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, and associates.
There was a small consolation for boss John Jensen, however, with a fighting 2-1 away win at Haderslev.
However, Herfolge got their season back on track at the weekend with a 2-1 away win at Haderslev.
Contract notice: providing facilities for the organization of cultural events in haderslev
Athena IT-Group, headquartered in Haderslev, Denmark, provides IT solutions and services to enterprises and organisations.