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see SusahSusah
or Sousse
, ancient Hadrumetum, city (1994 pop. 125,000), NE Tunisia, on the Gulf of Hammamat, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a fishing port and export point for olive oil. The city was founded c.9th cent. B.C. by the Phoenicians.
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, Tunisia.
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Answer to the Pelagians, IV: To the Monks of Hadrumetum and Provence (Vol.
45) He includes, however, one negative incident in which the inhabitants of Hadrumetum pelted the governor with turnips.
3) Clodius came from Hadrumetum near Carthage and therefore from Africa Proconsularis, the same province as Apuleius.
The artistic canons of Hadrumetum (Sousse) are completely different from those of Carthage, and continue without significant variation over the course of six centuries (p.