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After graduating from the University of Toronto medical school, he served at Haeju Kuse Hospital.
Artillery aimed at the South in Haeju and Kangryong has been primed and is undergoing constant readiness checks," the source was quoted as saying.
Nine rocket-armed Fireflies, escorted by a dozen Seafires, were launched from the Triumph to attack Haeju airfield on the coast.
Bolaven moved on to North Korea, where state media reported damaged crops and power cuts around the western city of Haeju.
Pathologic survey on the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum (Adams and Reeve 1850) from Haeju off the western coastal Yellow Sea.
Additionally, Lee has rejected the pledges his predecessor, Roh Moo-hyun, made to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il during an October 2007 summit, in which South Korea promised to finance a second industrial zone, the refurbishing of North Korea's Haeju port, the extension of North Korea's railway line north of Kaesong, a highway between Kaesong and Pyongyang, and a shipbuilding complex in the North Korean port of Nampo.
La declaracion de paz y prosperidad enumeran varios compromisos de cooperacion entre los dos paises: la creacion de un complejo industrial en la region del puerto de Haeju (al norte de la zona desmilitarizada); la renovacion de la via ferroviaria entre Kaesong y Sinuiju (cerca de la frontera china) y de la supercarretera Kaesong-Pyongyang, y de la puesta en servicio de la via ferrea enlazando el sur con el norte cruzando la zona desmilitarizada.
The people need to know the goal of projects like an economic special zone in Haeju, which will cost billions of dollars.
Twelve Fireflies and nine Seafires from HMS Triumph armed with rockets attacked Haeju Airfield, damaging hangars and buildings, but no aircraft were sighted.
The second and third shipments of fertilizer will reportedly depart the eastern port of Ulsan for Haeju in North Korea's west on Thursday and Saturday.
While there is no evidence of a general assault, there are good reasons for believing that the South struck first, attacking the key northern city of Haeju.