Queen Charlotte Islands

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Queen Charlotte Islands,

archipelago of several large and many small islands, off the coast of W British Columbia, Canada. The main islands are Graham and Moresby. Masset on Graham Island is the main settlement. About 2,000 of the Islands' 5,700 inhabitants are Haida, a native people whose ancient village, Ninstints, on Skungwai Island, was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. There are valuable timber and fishing resources and several good harbors. The Islands attract many scientists and tourists because they escaped glaciation, making them a biologically unique area in Canada. The archipelago was visited in 1774 by Juan Pérez and in 1778 by Capt. James Cook; in 1787 it was surveyed by Capt. George Dixon. Hecate Strait separates it from the mainland; Dixon Entrance lies between it and Alaska to the north; and Queen Charlotte Sound separates it from Vancouver Island to the south.

Queen Charlotte Islands


an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, off the Canadian coast. It includes the islands of Graham, Moresby, Louise, Lyell, and Kunghit and covers an area of 10,282 sq km. The island group belongs to the outer chain of the Canadian Cordilleras, part of which is submerged. The western coasts of the islands are mountainous and fjorded, rising to an elevation of 1250 m. In the northeast there is a broad lowland into which the Masset Inlet deeply penetrates. The climate is mild and very humid. Coniferous forests cover the islands. There are deposits of coal.

Logging and fishing are the major industries. The population totals approximately 3,000 (1965), about 1,000 of it consisting of Indians on reservations. The largest community is the village of Queen Charlotte. The archipelago was discovered and put on the map in 1774 by the Spanish expedition of J. Perez; it was later named in honor of the British queen by G. Vancouver.

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The Haida live in what we call the Queen Charlotte Islands in the Pacific Northwest, but are known to the Haida as the Haida Gwaii, "the Islands of the People".
This collection brings together the results of extensive and varied field research by both federal agencies and independent researchers, and integrates them with earlier archaeological, ethnohistorical, and paleoenvironmental work in Haida Gwaii.
The programme, involving volunteers from Haida Gwaii who camp for the summer season at five remote locations within the park, was put into place to protect significant Haida sites from vandalism and other damages linked to increased park visitations.
Kelly originally is from Skidegate Village in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) off northern British Columbia.
Haida Gwaii -- meaning "islands of the people" -- is the name used by the Haida.
In the meantime, the coast guard attempted to take the ship further out to sea and away from the jagged rocky shoreline of Haida Gwaii.
Sodium streetlights will be replaced with new LED streetlights in the Village of Port Clements and in other communities across Haida Gwaii thanks to nearly $630,000 received from the Government of Canada through the Gas Tax Fund transfer.
Natural Resources Canada said in a statement that the quake was felt across much of North-central British Columbia, including Haida Gwaii as the Queen Charlotte Islands are also called, Prince Rupert, Quesnel, and Houston.
One bill that passed unanimously was Bill 18, Haida Gwaii Reconciliation Act.
I MET BILL REID ONLY ONCE, in Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands) in 1990.
Chief Justice McLachlan noted that the Haida had claimed title to all of the lands of Haida Gwaii [Queen Charlotte Islands] and the waters surrounding it for 100 years, but its title had not yet been legally recognized.