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thinning or loss of hair as a result of illness, functional disorder, or hereditary disposition; also known as alopecia. Male pattern baldness, a genetic trait, is the most common cause of baldness among white males. It is carried by females, but they are rarely susceptible inasmuch as it develops under the influence of testosterone, a male sex hormone; women, however, may experience an overall thinning of the hair. Hair loss begins at the forehead and crown and is slowly progressive. Male pattern baldness may be cosmetically disguised by hair-follicle transplants. Drug treatments with minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia) have been used with limited effectiveness.

Diseases characterized by high fever (e.g., scarlet and typhoid fevers), malnutrition, chemotherapy, and glandular disorders can all cause balding. Treatment of the disease or dysfunction will usually halt the loss of hair, and if the scalp and hair follicles are not severely damaged, hair will usually regrow spontaneously. Scalp infection, oiliness or dirtiness of the scalp and hair, and excessive teasing and lacquering of hair are also conducive to baldness. Alopecia areata is a disease of unknown origin characterized by noninflamed bald patches in the scalp hair and beard. It is recurrent but is usually of short duration.


Loss or absence of hair.


mistaking his bald head for a rock, an eagle dropped a tortoise on it, thus killing him. [Gk. Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 13]
(the Frog) name given infant by wolves for hairlessness. [Children’s Lit.: The Jungle Book]
bald eagle
U.S. national bird whose white head looks bald. [Am. Hist.: EB, I: 753]
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Pollution: Sudden hair loss is imminent if the contaminants of air, including particulate matter, dust, smoke, nickel, lead and arsenic, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons settle on your scalp and hair.
Co-Founder Eli Weiss explains that "The commonly used hair loss drugs have a list of side effects longer than your mother's grocery list, and it doesn't stop anyone from taking them.
Apart from that, if the case is not severe, you must alter your diet in order to experience lesser hair loss.
ATTEND A SUPPORT GROUP YOUR family and friends may always be there for you, but when you're trying to deal with hair loss, having a great support network around you with people going through the same thing can work wonders.
Meanwhile, Professor Choi clarified that their findings were different from existing studies like MSD's Propecia (finasteride), which simply slows down hair loss and cannot be applied to subjects with no hair follicles left.
Supplements can only help slow or stop hair loss if it's a deficiency of a nutrient that is causing the hair loss.
Those experiencing hair loss need to protect what they have so when there is a solution, they can benefit," said Gomez.
Paying attention to hair loss is not just question of appearance or aesthetics; hair loss can also indicate declining health, Dr.
A total of 100 patients suffering from female pattern hair loss (FPHL), who themselves were able to understand and complete the mWAA-QOL questionnaire were enrolled in the study.
Physical and emotional stress also may lead to hair loss.