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, hadji, haji
1. a Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca: also used as a title
2. a Christian of the Greek Orthodox or Armenian Churches who has visited Jerusalem



(also hadji, hajji), the honorary title of a Muslim who has made the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca.

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In current political situation, Haji Nawaz Khokar, Doctor Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Anjum Aqeel khan and MNA Malik Ibrar are on one side whereas the other group comprise of Chaudhry Nisar, Zafar Ali Shah, Ashraf Gujjar and Malik Shuja Al Rehman.
The man with the most talented entertainment personality emerged as the Haji Firuz of each group.
A belief in innovative solutions, quality products and services are the trade mark of Haji Hassan Group.
As a member of the COC Ensemble, Haji has benefited from other high-profile teachers, including Marlena Malas, Timothy Noble and Canada's own Wendy Nielsen.
Haji Fazal Ellahi's grand plans were to create a purpose-built mosque in Stechford and in 2011 a former children's home was bought for PS270,000 on Stuarts Road.
Haji Mike would "get inspired", work on the lyrics, record the vocals and send them back to London.
I was shocked to see his body the first time last week as there were head injuries," said Hydros Haji, the brother of the deceased.
Initially, police suspected foul play and spent weeks checking the knots used to create the ligature from which Ms Haji was found hanging.
He told that all the relevant departments would complete establishment of their offices/booths at Haji Camp up to August 12 for the facilitation of the pilgrims.
The Chinese delegation was led by Haji Mohammad Abdullah and comprised Haji Abdul Rahim, Abdul Khalil, Abdul Rehman, Mehmood Ahmed, Haji Momin, Abu Qasim and Mohammad Iqbal.
MANAMA: Bahraini technology expert and Gulf Air's information technology director Dr Jassim Haji is chairing the World Airport Technovation Forum in Dubai tomorrow.
Bahrain-based Haji Ali Haji is planning to expand its switchgear business and its horizons by exploring the Qatar market, where it has already established an office.