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see halakahhalakah
or halacha
[Heb.,=law], in Judaism, the body of law regulating all aspects of life, including religious ritual, familial and personal status, civil relations, criminal law, and relations with non-Jews.
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multitude of halachic directives benefit adherents to the Torah because
The government had not intended to make a Halachic ruling', he said, 'nor does intend to make such rulings'.
However, no Halachic definition of fatherhood does exist yet in a case where the male does not give the sperm but rather some other genetic material, such as the nucleus of a mature cell (33).
189) This imperative, which was established by Rabbi Akiva, and which he stated to be "a great principle of the Torah," (190) is an imperative on the Halachic legal plane and not only on the moral plane.
And yet no harm follow--though the halachic meaning speaks of harm to the woman, our narrative overlay indicates that this equivocal phrase be applied to the children, Joseph and Benjamin.
Still, she believes that the new generation of female halachic scholars will pose a radical challenge to rabbinic authority, and I think it fair to conclude that the situation may well change, albeit slowly.
Jacob, The Agunah Problem and the So-Called New York State Get Law: A Legal and Halachic Analysis, in WOMEN IN CHAINS, supra note 124, at 159.
It was a very complex amalgam of influences--Jewish (both halachic, midrashic, and philosophical), classical and Christian, medieval and Renaissance, Iberian and Italian--which final ly shaped his thought.
See Rubinstein, supra note 104, at 387; Strong, supra note 108, at 139 (1997) (noting that Rabbinical courts exercise exclusive jurisdiction over all Jews and apply Halachic law, regardless of whether the persons before them practice or believe the tenets of Judaism).
One of the most interesting sections of the book describes how, like their counterparts in the Muslim world, radical rabbis in Israel and the United States have revived old, obscure halachic concepts to justify the use of violence.
As an Orthodox rabbi who wants to help everyone bring halacha [Jewish law] into their lives, I learned from this film humility and sensitivity, which themselves are crucial to making any halachic decision.
According to halachic commentaries, it is not necessary to see such a person pursuing a Jewish victim.