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see halakahhalakah
or halacha
[Heb.,=law], in Judaism, the body of law regulating all aspects of life, including religious ritual, familial and personal status, civil relations, criminal law, and relations with non-Jews.
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In general, I don't think that instances of breaking with a traditional viewpoint, such as the responsa surrounding the ordination of women, represent a breach of halakha so much as a legitimate reinterpretation, and therefore I would argue that overall the CJLS has remained faithful to the halakhic process.
While specific details may differ, as Conservative Jews, our answers will, by necessity, include Shabbat, kashrut and limud (study), as well as acts of gemilut hasadim and tzedakah, because they are all part of Torah, and of how Jews throughout the millennia have understood what God wants of us, as expressed through halakha.
He often expressed his displeasure with public violations of halakha that were sanctioned by non-Orthodox movements.
As a sociological observation, this is undoubtedly true, but in important respects it is also beside the point--the question of Halakha is at bottom not a sociological question but a theological one.
The liberals believe there is little difference between their method and Halakha as it has always been; they just lean to more lenient outcomes and do so with greater self-consciousness about process.
It is a movement that claims to follow halakha but in general, its members relate to halakha as optional and not binding.
Sanhedrin 21b), the language in which our classical texts were written and the premier language of Jewish expression in Israel today; (6) the recognition of halakha as the guide to a Jewish way of life; and (7) yirat shamayim, reverence for the sacred.
David Wolpe once gave a talk to my rabbinical school class in which he characterized the idea of halakha as a vocabulary with which we engage in a love relationship with God.
Acquaintance may lead to a deep regard for persons who are not kindred, and the sages instilled that into halakha.
Once our movement made a commitment to address the pressing moral challenge of our day--the exclusion of women--it emerged as a movement that is able to reorient its understanding of halakha so that people can affirm the core belief that halakha and morality are grounded in the same reality.
cc/TGF9-FVA9] (concluding that "for Muslims to have avenues for arbitration that are recognized by the laws of the country through which disputes regarding marriage and divorce, [and] financial transactions can be solved is something that is necessary [to] establish Islam in the West"); Sheila Musaji, Islamic Sharia and Jewish Halakha Arbitration Courts, Am.
While Jewish and Samaritan exegesis constantly engages in contextualization in order to make the stories of scripture understandable for contemporary audiences or to make Halakha applicable in changed circumstances, the extent to which this is done in this midrash in the Asatir is extraordinary.