Haldun Taner

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Taner, Haldun


Born Mar. 16, 1916, in Istanbul. Turkish writer.

Taner graduated from the faculty of political science at the University of Heidelberg in 1938. In 1950 he graduated from the faculty of literature at the University of Istanbul and subsequently taught there. He made his literary debut in the 1940’s as a writer of short stories about the democratic intelligentsia. Taner wrote his first play in 1956. His most popular plays include The Tale of Ali from Keşan (1964), Şaban, the Savior of the Homeland (1967), and The Idiot’s Shrewd Wife (1971; prize of the Turkish Linguistic Society, 1971).

Taner focuses on important problems of modern Turkish life and seeks to democratize the Turkish theater by drawing on the traditions of folk art and on the dramaturgy of Brecht. Taner was president of the Writers’ Union of Turkey from 1964 to 1966.


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In Russian translation:
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Productions from previous seasons, including ystanbul DT's take on "Hamlet," as well as plays written by Anton Chekhov, Patrick SE-skind, Peter Ustinov and Turkey's Haldun Taner are among highlights of the Ankara and ystanbul repertoires.
The play, written by prominent Turkish playwright Haldun Taner and directed by the Turkish State Theater's Iskender Altin, had a crowded cast of Turkish and American actors, with Fadik Sevin Atasoy and Yavuz Bingol in the lead roles.
Bu yazida Leyla Pamir Haldun Taner ile olan evliligini anlatmadan once Osmanlinin son donem konak hayatini bircok yonleriyle kafamizda yeniden canlandirir.
Leyla Pami'in buyukbabasinin koskunde gecirdigi cocukluk gunlerinden itibaren sahip oldugu edebiyat cevresi Haldun Taner ile yaptigi evlilik sonrasi daha da genisler.
After working at the Ulvi Uraz Theater in 1965, he became one of the founders of the DevekuE-u Kabare (Ostrich Cabaret) Theater, along with renowned actors and directors Haldun Taner, Metin Akpyynar and Ahmet GE-lhan.
During the ceremony, host Korhan Abay said this year is special, as it is the 100th anniversary of the foundation of ystanbul Municipal Theaters and marks the 100th birthdays of decedents Aziz Nesin, a Turkish writer and humorist, and Haldun Taner, a well-known Turkish playwright and short story writer.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- As far as I know, there are five famous prizes in fiction in Turkey, given in the name of Haldun Taner, Sait Faik, Yunus Nadi, YaE-ar Nabi Nayyr and Selcuk Baran.
It will do so offshore, on the flat surfaces with our fingertips, but also in the depths, underwater, before the enfolded encoding unfolds," she said at the beginning of Wednesday's press conference, which showed its first sign of eccentricity when the members of the press in attendance were shown seats on the stage at the Haldun Taner Theater rather than in the audience seats, which were in turn hosting the curator, the biennial director, yKSV representatives and the team of artists who are collaborating with Christov-Bakargiev in her endeavor.