Hale County

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Hale County, Alabama

PO Box 396
Greensboro, AL 36744
Phone: (334) 624-4257
Fax: (334) 624-1715

In west-central AL, south of Tuscaloosa; organized Jan 30, 1867 from Greene, Marengo, and Perry counties. Name Origin: For Stephen F. Hale (1816-78), early settler, lawyer, and Confederate army officer

Area (sq mi):: 656.47 (land 643.74; water 12.74) Population per square mile: 28.50
Population 2005: 18,316 State rank: 51 Population change: 2000-20005 6.60%; 1990-2000 10.90% Population 2000: 17,185 (White 39.60%; Black or African American 59.00%; Hispanic or Latino 0.90%; Asian 0.20%; Other 1.10%). Foreign born: 0.30%. Median age: 34.40
Income 2000: per capita $12,661; median household $25,807; Population below poverty level: 26.90% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $16,292-$18,368
Unemployment (2004): 7.00% Unemployment change (from 2000): -2.70% Median travel time to work: 29.00 minutes Working outside county of residence: 51.80%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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Hale County, Texas

500 Broadway St Suite 140
Plainview, TX 79072
Phone: (806) 291-5261
Fax: (806) 291-9810

In west-central TX panhandle, north of Lubbock; organized Aug 21, 1876 from Bexar County. Name Origin: For Lt. John C. Hale (?-1836), a TX officer killed in the battle of San Jacinto

Area (sq mi):: 1004.77 (land 1004.65; water 0.12) Population per square mile: 36.10
Population 2005: 36,233 State rank: 80 Population change: 2000-20005 -1.00%; 1990-2000 5.60% Population 2000: 36,602 (White 45.20%; Black or African American 5.80%; Hispanic or Latino 47.90%; Asian 0.30%; Other 27.10%). Foreign born: 8.20%. Median age: 31.40
Income 2000: per capita $13,655; median household $31,280; Population below poverty level: 18.00% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $20,690-$22,848
Unemployment (2004): 6.20% Unemployment change (from 2000): 1.40% Median travel time to work: 15.40 minutes Working outside county of residence: 13.90%
Cities with population over 10,000:
  • Plainview County seat (21,995)

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    Sheriffs departments in Hale County, Marengo County and Sumter County were awarded $24,000 each.
    Tri Global Energy is the developer and a manager of Hale County Wind Farm, Cotton Wind Farms, Lakeview Wind Farms and East Mound Renewable Energy the wind farms included in the Hale Community Energy project portfolio.
    Hale Community Energy is located in the southern part of Hale County, Texas, about 50 miles north ofLubbock.
    Following the training, he spent two years working in Emergency Medicine in Hale County, AL.
    For the story in question, Chana Joffe-Walt, a reporter for "Planet Money," spoke with residents of Hale County, Ala.
    Early voting in Hale County - Landtroop's home - has been anemic compared with turnout in Gray County - Smith's home - and Hockley County.
    Let us then hope better of our children, and of our children's children; let us know, let us know there is cure, there is to be an end to it," wrote James Agee after a month-long depression-era visit to Alabama, praying for an end to the poverty he saw among families of tenant farmers in Hale County.
    Forty percent of the population in Hale County still live below the poverty line, dependent on a local economy that relies on the fragile dairy and catfish farming sectors, as well as the logging industry, which has recently been further prostrated by the newspaper crises.
    drugstore photo counters as he toured and contemplated Hale County, Ala.
    In addition, Hall resigns his role as publisher of Shoppers Guides for Clarke County, Greene County, Hale County, Wilcox County, and Marengo County, all in Alabama.
    Located in Hale County, Alabama, the second poorest county in the state, Rural Studio gives students hands-on designing and building experience and challenges them to confront the philosophical, ethical, and practical questions that face architects, especially when designing with limited resources for people whose backgrounds may be very different from their own.
    The Hale County Health Department also offered free screenings and health-related displays.