Half Line

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half line

[′haf ¦līn]

Half Line


in mathematics, the set of points on a line that lie on one side of some point of the line. The coordinates x of the points of a half line satisfy one, and only one, of the inequalities x > a and x < a, where a is a constant. The point x = a is called the boundary of the half line. If the boundary is included in the half line, the half line is said to be closed. A closed half line is also called a ray.

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Keywords Sets of n-odd prime numbers, Pairs of consecutive odd prime numbers, Mathematical induction, Odd points, Positive directional half line of the number axis, [RLSS.
The Malaysian girls constantly carried a threat going forward and should have been level in the 25th minute when Nor Azlin Sumantri benefited from a defensive lapse on the half line to create a one- on- one opportunity with goalkeeper Yogita Bali, but hit wide.
It was all change at the break and the Reds' second half line up included Martin Skrtel and Joe Cole as the experienced heads with youthful enthusiasm around them.
Against Uruguay, Argentina appeared sharp on offense, but the defense was terrorized by forward Diego Forlan's freekicks from near the half line and into the penalty box.
Gurr in fact admits that the half line in Richard's most memorable speech may be intentional, "designed to intensify the point" about a biblical setting of the word against the word (176).
Qatar struck parity in the 32nd minute through Magid Mohamed, who made a solo run with the ball from near the half line to score the goal.
I think it shows the amount of respect they have for him when they're down 2-0 with three minutes left and they still have three guys around him at the half line.
Eoe1/4EoThe main tactic we use against the Netherlands is to defend at the half line and play for the counter-attack,Eoe1/4A[yen] he said.
Well firstly you have 65-70ft tall cable machines, an inch and a half line that's 4,000ft long, and you're putting 20,000lbs of turn on it.
and an enlarged 13-team entry list for next season that included newboys Mano Campos and USF1, Mosley's 14-year tenure was ended with a two and half line statement.
This is because the parthood of a half line in a whole line is restricted by the requirement that the half line share the form of the whole line, which it can only do so long as it is undivided from the whole line.
Beginning with the sentiment that 'for it is rather lyk / an apparence,' each primary half line is both enjambed and closely linked to its secondary half-line.