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Half-height LTO2 tape drives deliver these capabilities at an affordable price, enabling SMBs to implement a true data protection strategy.
While LTO tape technology has captured a significant share of the enterprise market, we believe the Tandberg LTO-2 half-height drive will provide an entry into LTO technology for the small to medium business.
Tandberg Data has integrated its LTO-3 Half-Height drive into its easy to manage 1U StorageLoader to meet this need," says Hamish Macarthur from Macarthur Stroud International.
The KosaiPM is a hot-swappable, Pentium-based, half-height AdvancedMC card.
25-inch half-height device, the size equivalent of a CD-ROM.
The Spectra T24 library with two half-height LTO-3 drives transfers compressed data at 240 MB/sec throughput and provides a capacity of up to 19 TB.
There is also a track marked by low cost and half-height formats.
The library is available in three configurations consisting of a single LTO-2 half-height SCSI drive, a single LTO-3 full-height SCSI drive, or a single LTO-3 full height Fibre Channel (FC) tape drive, along with four cartridge magazines that can hold a total of 48 LTO tape cartridges.
The StorageLoader(TM) utilizes LTO-1 half-height drives to deliver the highest transfer rate relative to other technologies such as DLT, AIT and VXA-based models.
Tandberg's LTO-based tape drive solutions include the most compact and fastest LTO1 and LTO2 half-height drive in the industry.