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, esparto grass
any of various grasses, esp Stipa tenacissima of S Europe and N Africa, that yield a fibre used to make ropes, mats, etc.



(Stipa tenacissima), a perennial grass of the family Gramineae. In Spain and North Africa, esparto forms a dense cover over extensive areas of land. The leaves contain a strong fiber and are used in the production of paper and synthetic silk and other fabrics. Esparto is good pasturage for camels, horses, and oxen. It is exported to some countries in Europe.

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Halfa grass, big cordgrass, and salt reed-grass textureSHUTTERSTOCK Image Credit: WAM
Major villages in Deesah include Abul Ajaj, Dafli, Halfa, Qasib, Bardi and Shaab.
It has mineralization projects and gold processing in the area of Alhajar (ElDwishat mine) with a processing capacity of 810 kg a year and another project (Om Nyardi mine) in Halfa river in the northern province with a processing capacity of 700 kg annually.
Security forces arrested Ashur on May 21 in the town of New Halfa, near the border with Eritrea.
The guide's first half explains the country's historical context, the second half describes the country from the confluence of the Niles at Khartoum, the pyramids of the Nubian desert; the frontier settlement of Wadi Halfa, the railhead town of Atbara, the Red Sea's pristine dive sites, the world's Gum Arabic capital El Obeid, the sugarloaf Taka mountains near Kassala, and the fertile Nuba Mountains.
There are only about halfa dozen parts that have been captured from the wilds of nature," he says.
One child was actually recovered as far north as Wadi Halfa just as he was to be exported to Egypt.
Eighth Army's Greatest Victories: Alam Halfa to Tunis 1942-1943.
But it was not until New Year's Day 1897 that work started on the desert railway line from Wadi Halfa on the Egyptian border to Abu Hamed and ultimately to Atbara.
Principal battles and campaigns: Le Cateau, Ypres I (Ieper) (1914); the Somme (1916); Arras, Passchendaele (near Ieper) (1917); Flanders (1940); Alam Halfa (Alam el Halfa, southeast of El Alamein), El Alamein (1942); Tunisia (1942-1943); Sicily (1943); southern Italy (1943-1944); Normandy, northern France, MARKET-GARDEN (1944); Ardennes offensive (1944-1945); Rhineland, northwestern Germany (1945).
In a press statement, the minister said that the meeting also discussed the progress of work at Garri and Port-Sudan Electricity Power Station as well as the efforts of the ministry in the field of irrigation and the preparation for the winter season at the four national Schemes of Gezira, Managel, Suki, Rahad and New Halfa.
Meanwhile, the governor of Sudan's northern state, Ibrahim al-Khidir, has announced formation of committees for developing housing plans in Wadi Halfa to encourage voluntary return of the residents