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(hăl'əlo͞o`yə) or


(ăl–) [Heb.,=praise the Lord], joyful expression used in Hebrew worship; cf. Pss. 104–6, 111–13, 115–17, 135, 146–50. Christian liturgies make wide use of it, particularly at Easter time. The Hallelujah Chorus is the brilliant concluding piece of Part II of Handel's Messiah.


, halleluiah, alleluia
a musical composition that uses the word Hallelujah as its text
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30 billion Halleluyah is a wonderful song and I decided to feature the two artists because of their dexterity.
Abdul says, '30 Billion Halleluyah is inspired by the need to express that the blessings of God far outweighs our praises of Him.