mushroom poisoning

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mushroom poisoning,

fungal poisoning caused by ingestion of certain mushrooms (fungal organisms), most commonly Amanita phalloides and Amanita muscaria and related species. Symptoms, caused by toxic peptides, may include severe abdominal pain, vomiting, cold sweat, diarrhea, and excessive thirst; they appear 8 to 12 hours after ingestion. Damage occurs largely in the liver and kidneys. Some mushrooms contain substances that produce hallucinatory states, e.g., Psilocybe mexicana (see hallucinogenic drughallucinogenic drug
, any of a group of substances that alter consciousness; also called psychotomimetic (i.e., mimicking psychosis), mind-expanding, or psychedelic drug.
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; ergotergot
, disease of rye and other cereals caused by the fungus Claviceps purpurea. The cottony, matlike body, or mycelium, of the fungus develops in the ovaries of the host plant; it eventually turns into a hard pink or purple body, the sclerotium, or ergot, that resembles
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). Occasional outbreaks of poisoning from eating canned mushrooms are not caused by poisonous mushrooms but by botulismbotulism
, acute poisoning resulting from ingestion of food containing toxins produced by the bacillus Clostridium botulinum. The bacterium can grow only in an anaerobic atmosphere, such as that found in canned foods.
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 resulting from improper canning methods.
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Local adolescent drug treatment specialists say the hallucinogenic effect of cold and cough medications containing dextromethorphan, the ingredient in Coricidin, is well known among young teen-agers who are beginning to experiment with drugs.
Popular among our youth, the addictive and hallucinogenic effects of these products are leading to countless ER visits and tragically linked to fatalities around the country.
There are some reports of hallucinogenic effects from the seeds.
Plant hallucinogenic effects include a widespread acceptance of the power of the individual who administers and utilizes such substances to negotiate the realms of heaven and the underworlds accessible to the individual by means of such plant ingestion.
It's not absinthe - it's golden yellow, not green, and offers no documented hallucinogenic effects.
Hemp food products contain undetectable levels of THC (the mind-altering chemical found in marijuana), and have no hallucinogenic effects.
Hemp food products contain undetectable levels of THC (the mind-alter ing chemical found in marijuana), and have no hallucinogenic effects.
At higher doses, teens probably use by themselves, pursuing the drug's hallucinogenic effects.
The practice involves taking regular cough, cold or allergy medicine in large doses, which can give hallucinogenic effects.
These products are typically consumed in quantities far exceeding the recommended amount, which results in long-acting, hallucinogenic effects.
Some scientists have condemned the drug because it works by inducing mildly hallucinogenic effects to divert patients from drug cravings.