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A corridor or a passageway in a house, hotel, office, institutional or commercial building.

What does it mean when you dream about a hallway?

Hallways often symbolize the unconscious passageways through which people travel to either life or death. They also represent a new level of consciousness or a new experience, as well as a journey into the unknown. (See also Corridor).


A corridor; a passageway.
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Millions of dollars in property value are tied up in apartments in a typical New York City building, but when the lobbies and hallways are deteriorated and aesthetically unpleasant, apartments sell under value for sale and rent.
Key colours for this season in interiors are green-hued blues and citrus yellows but when thinking about colour for your hallway, consider the other colours in the house as this is also a link between rooms.
WONDER WALLS A hallway is usually such a small area in a home that you can let loose and try a bold pattern paper or a colour you might be too inhibited to use in a main living area.
Stopping a trail of belongings littering a hallway can be a thankless task, so the space needs equipping so it's user-friendly,'' says Clotilde Passalacqua at Ikea.
IN THE LIGHT: Glam up your hallway with this bespoke staircase from Bisca with prices starting from around PS1,500 while lighting can add a welcoming feel.
Forensic scientist Samantha Warner told Newcastle Crown Court the presence of both clotted and unclotted blood suggested there was a time interval between the initial attack in the porch and further violence in the hallway.
The hallway also gives access to the dining room, which leads though to an inner hallway.
The hallway pictured to the right is painted in Lemon Tropics PaintPod, pounds 32.
Often in a narrow hallway you forget that there is space available above eye level.
Then, around 5-6 pm the gathering of the hooligans begins in the hallway with excess running, screaming, laughter, and annoying loud chatter.