Hampton University

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Hampton University,

at Hampton, Va.; coeducational; founded 1868, chartered 1870 as a normal and agricultural school; known as Hampton Institute 1930–84. Founded by Samuel Chapman Armstrong, it was among the first black colleges and also pioneered in Native American education. Hampton's library is noted for its Peabody Collection on African-American history and culture.
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When senior Fulbright scholar Davis stumbled upon this bizarre historical tale at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in the 1990s, it stirred memories of his own youth in segregated Virginia in the '40s and '50s.
What sounds like an idyll ended in 1889, with Jones, 18, offered schooling in Virginia's Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute.
While working as a miner, Washington heard about the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, a freedman's school in eastern Virginia dedicated to teaching African-Americans industrial arts.
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