hangman's noose

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hangman’s noose

characteristic knot for death by hanging. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
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58433415 Hangman's Knot ( 1952) five, 1pm: Western, starring Randolph Scott, Donna Reed and Lee Marvin.
Ah beauty is nought the Scotsman cried, Won't she save from the hangman's knot, Here is a picture, with goodness it's shining It's Mary, theQueen of the Scots.
Xx xxxx Xxxx Charlie Chaplin's wife is restrained by using a hangman's knot Xxxxx xxxx xxxx impending disaster associated with a sullen infant Xxxx xxxx fun run for lawyers Xx xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Donald Trump's ex-wife when she works on front ends in auto repair Xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx an Indian points out portable computers in a small eating Establishment owned by the white man