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(hän`kō`) or


(hăng`kou`), former city, since 1950 part of the WuhanWuhan
, city (1994 est. pop. 3,519,600), capital of Hubei prov., central China, at the junction of the Han and Chang rivers. The great industrial, commercial, and transportation center of central China, Wuhan comprises (since 1950) the former cities of Hankou, Hanyang, and
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 conurbation, E Hubei prov., China. Built on an alluvial plain on the left banks of both the Han and Chang rivers, it is the largest city in the conurbation and contains its port, a major facility handling oceangoing vessels. The city has many industries. Hankou owes much of its development to the Beijing-Guangzhou RR, which crosses the Chang at Hankou. The city was opened as a treaty port in 1862, held (1938–45) by the Japanese, and in 1949 passed to the Chinese Communists. It is linked by bridges with Hanyang and Wuchang.



a former city in China, in Hupeh Province; since 1956, part of the city of Wuhan. The city was called Hsiak’ou in ancient times and was later known by other names. It was renamed Hank’ou during the rule of the Ch’ing dynasty. In 1858, Hank’ou was opened to foreign trade. In 1861 a concession was granted to Great Britain, and later concessions were granted to France, Japan, Germany, and tsarist Russia.

In the autumn of 1911, during the Hsin-hai revolution, fierce battles were fought near Hank’ou between revolutionaries and government troops. Chinese Communists led the Peking-Hank’ou strike of 1923 from Hank’ou. During the revolution of 1925–27, the revolutionary government was located in the city from December 1926 to July 1927. From December 1937 to October 1938, Hank’ou was the provisional capital of the Chinese Republic. From October 1938 through August 1945 it was occupied by Japanese troops. Hank’ou was liberated from the Kuomintang by the People’s Liberation Army of China in May 1949.


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A mediados de 1911 tuvieron lugar levantamientos como protesta contra el programa de nacionalizacion del ferrocarril Qing y en octubre de ese ano estallo la revolucion republicana en Hankou (en la actualidad, parte de la ciudad de Wuhan), en China central, extendiendose a otras provincias.
The firm signed management agreements for Jumeirah Haikou Resort, on a private island in Hainan, Jumeirah Wuhan in a city centre location near Hankou, and Jumeirah Nanjing in the new Hexi business district.
113) In addition to declaring the bilateral treaties invalid, the ROC revoked the extraterritorial privileges of Germany and Austria-Hungary and took over German concessions in Tianjin and Hankou.
Jumeirah Wuhan is set in a prime city centre location near to the existing Hankou business district.
Meanwhile, Jumeirah Wuhan is set in a prime city centre location close to the existing Hankou business district and aims to open by 2020.
Hankou lies to the northwest of Yangtze River, and to the northeast of Hanshui River, including (from west to east) Qiaokou, Jianghan and Jiang'an District.
When Tagore visited China, a heckler in Hankou shouted at him, "Go back, slave from a lost country
at Nanjing University School of Life Sciences, 22 Hankou Rd.
A) School of Geographic and Oceanographic Science, Nanjing University, 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing, 210093, P.
Griffith John would serve as a missionary in China for 55 years, chiefly in Hubei and Hunan, and founded the Hankou Union Hospital.
It is a groundless rumor and the statue will stay there," Xinhua quoted Hankou Bund Park administrator Hu Zhijun, as saying.
Experts believe the bees were attracted by pollen and natural plant extracts used in the sun screen cream issued to the students at Hankou College in Wuhan, central China.