Hannes Alfvén

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Alfvén, Hannes


Born May 30, 1908. Swedish physicist, member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.

Since 1940, Alfvén has been a professor in the Department of Electronics of the University of Stockholm. His basic work has been in cosmic radiation, electron accelerators, and electrodynamics. Alfvén created a new branch of science (cosmic electrodynamics) and discovered a form of magnetodynamic wave (the so-called Alfvén wave). Under Alfvén’s direction work has been conducted in modeling the interaction of the earth’s magnetosphere with solar winds. He developed theories on the formation of the aurora borealis, geomagnetic storms, and the solar system.

Alfvén has been a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR since 1958. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971.


On the Origin of the Solar System. Oxford, 1954.
In Russian translation:
Kosmicheskaia elektrodinamika. Moscow, 1952.
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The many honors he received included the Lenin Prize (1984), Academician (1997) and the Hannes Alfven Prize of the European Physical Society (2001).
First theorized by Nobel laureate Hannes Alfven in 1942, the waves could carry energy several hundred thousand kilometers from the surface.
They thought they were on the right track when, in 1942, Swedish physicist Hannes Alfven predicted the existence of waves in magnetized plasma.
A phenomenon called critical ionization velocity, first proposed by Nobel laureate Hannes Alfven [see "Dean of the Plasma Dissidents," The World & I, May 1988, p.
Thirty years ago, writing under the pseudonym Olof Johannesson, the Swedish nobel laureate in physics Hannes Alfven authored a novella variously entitled The Tale of the Big Computer and The End of Man?
The Hannes Alfven Prize has been awarded annually since 2000 by the European Physical Society (EPS) for Outstanding Contributions to Plasma Physics.
This phenomenon, called the critical ionization velocity, can help explain the formation of the solar system; it was first suggested by Hannes Alfven, a Nobel-winning plasma physicist.
The Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society has announced the award of the 2006 Hannes Alfven Prize to Dr.
In a 1954 book about the formation of planetary systems, Hannes Alfven hypothesized that gas atoms having no electric charge can ionize -- acquire an electric charge -- by simply speeding through space.
The Board of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS) has awarded the 2005 Hannes Alfven prize to Professor Malcolm G.
The term "ambiplasma' was invented about 30 years ago by the Swedish physicist Hannes Alfven, who proposed that the universe began as an ambiplasma, a theory no longer very popular.
Rosenbluth has been awarded the 2002 Hannes Alfven Prize of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS) "for his seminal theoretical contributions since the earliest days of fusion research in virtually all aspects of fusion plasma sciences which now form the basis of modern plasma physics.